Who we are

  • We are people who live in County Durham, Darlington, and Teesside
  • We are deeply concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people.
  • We support the Palestinian struggle to achieve a just and lasting peace settlement.
  • We are an affiliated branch of the national Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • We support the work of the Durham University Friends of Palestine, a student society.
  • We support the work of the Durham Palestine Educational Trust www.dpet.org.uk.

Locally we organise:

  • educational meetings
  • street stalls
  • stalls at events
  • Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) campaigns
  • leafleting campaigns
  • lobbying press and MPs
  • school and pen-friend links between Palestinian and British children
  • fundraising and social events

How you can help

Help to extend and develop the work we do.
Our group has devised ways we can all assist the campaign, whatever our personal circumstances.

  • Become a member of PSC.
  • Wear a PSC badge
  • Attend our monthly planning meetings
  • Help at one of our stalls or other events
  • Volunteer for a job you can do at home
  • Do research for us on internet
  • Attend one of our fund raising events
  • Arrange your own fund raiser
  • If you’re having a party or a meal for friends, make it ‘A PSC Event’ and ask for donations
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